Sunday, January 22, 2017

NFL Blowouts

The playoffs have been, with the exception of 1 day, a snooze. 8 of 10 games were a blowout. Unfortunately injuries played a significant role: Derek Carr's broken leg pretty much guaranteed the Raiders would be out, Earl Thomas's injury had the Seahawks collectively limping. Both had, otherwise, teams capable of making a Super Bowl run. It's definitely part of the game, but it's always too bad when a team is derailed by injury.

On the other hand we can argue that New England weathered the injury of its 2nd-best player and continues to dominate, making them a clearly great team: capable of adapting to adversity.

Let's hope the Patriots-Falcons game will be exciting. My gut feel is the Pats will find a way to corral the Falcons offense and come out on top. I'll be grilling for the occasion.